Meet the team

Darren and Rhian are a husband and wife team with a very close family, having 3 children of our own and one grandchild who we love dearly. When our children were young our lives were so busy, Maternity & Newborn photography was not heard of and we did not invest in having professional portraits taken until they were slightly older. Now that our children are older we understand the importance of capturing every stage, unfortunately we missed out on their early days and the innocence of our babies when they were just Newborn… If only we could turn back time.

We felt so passionate about capturing our memories that in 2009 we opened our own photography studio.  Over the years we found our true love in photography which is capturing the innocence of Newborn’s, from their pouty lips to their tiny toes… When our granddaughter was born 2 years ago we made sure we captured her Newborn innocence and now a few years on we cannot believe on how quick the time has passed us by.

We attend courses several times a year, we just love to learn and socialise with other photographers in our industry, this helps us keep up to date and current with new poses and techniques

Treasured Moments Photography husband and wife team


We have also taking it upon ourselves to become members of 
“The Master Photographers Association (The MPA)”
Darren has been awarded a Licentiate in Newborn Photography. 
He has also received a newborn safety certification (currently only held be 3 photographers in Wales).
“BANPAS (Baby and Newborn photography Association)”
Darren has been awarded Pro-membership with BANPAS.
“SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers)”
Darren has been awarded his Licentiate.