Newborn Portrait Experience South Wales

Your newborn portrait experience is a beautiful magical session, this experience is about capturing their innocence in timeless portraits.

When your little one arrives, the first few days tend to be a little bit of a daze, you won’t want to miss a moment… You are discovering a love that is beyond words and actually you would want time to hold still, so you can relive the moment over and over again…  
Our aim is to help capture this beautiful stage of your Newborn, so that these memories can be loved and cherished not just for today, but for years to come.

The experience takes place in our dedicated Newborn studio, we have a wide selection of luxurious props / blankets / backdrops / floors and accessories for use throughout the session. We allow adequate time for feeding, soothing & cuddles with mam & dad, we never have more than one newborn experience in the studio on one day and the session is completely baby led – without the need for clock watching. You are invited to sit back and relax with a cuppa and light refreshments, whilst you watch us capture your beautiful newborn in stunning timeless portraits.   

We recommend capturing newborn portraits in the first 6 -12 days when your baby is very sleepy and flexible. This is the best time to capture those precious curled-up poses. The diary takes bookings from your 12 week scan and we only book a maximum of 12 Newborn experiences in per month, this allows the diary to be flexible…so whether your little one is a little early or a few days late we guarantee your appointment within the timescale required.

We would love to talk with you more about our luxury Newborn experience. Call us on 01639 841520 or send a message though our contact form