Bump Casting Experience South Wales

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Bump casting forms an everlasting memory of your pregnancy

There is no greater prop than the eggshell from your own bump. No bumps are ever the same, making each and every bowl totally unique to you and your baby.

Having your baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine how your tiny little bundle of joy fitted in your tummy seems almost impossible.Why not have your precious bump cast into your very own bowl ready for  your new arrival to be photographed in!  

One of the most common questions new mum’s tend to ask is… Will their  newborn fit into their cast? but rest assured they always do,
these beautiful props offer heartwarming photos of your Newborn snuggled in a mould made from your Pregnant Bump.
What prop could be more personal…

Once you have had your newborn experience, the bump cast is yours to take home as lovely keepsake from your experience. Quite often mums try the bowl on for size and are quite amazed on how much their body has changed in a few short weeks. It is advisable you book your bump casting experience shortly after your 12 week scan, this will guarantee your appointment which will take place around 37 – 38 weeks.

Treasured Moments Photography was the first photography studio in Wales to offer the bump casting along with our newborn experience.

We would love to talk with you more about our luxury Bump casting experience. Call us on 01639 841520 or send a message though our contact form