About us

Darren and Rhian started their photography journey in 2009, they now specialise in newborn photography

Meet Darren & Rhian

Hi, we are Darren & Rhian, Darren is a multi-award-winning Newborn photographer and (MPA) Master Welsh Newborn Photographer of the year 2018/19/20. I Rhian, Darren’s wife, am a highly trained newborn baby poser, often referred to as the Baby Whisperer, we are also Newborn safety trained and capture around 200 newborns each year, and we love every minute of it!
We felt so passionate about capturing our memories that in 2009 we opened our photography studio. Over the years we found our true love in photography which is capturing the innocence of Newborn’s, from their pouty lips to their tiny toes… When our granddaughters arrived, we made sure we captured their Newborn photos and now a few years on we cannot believe on how quickly the time has passed, and we are truly grateful we can look back and cherish those very first few weeks.

Freeze the moment because nothing lasts forever…


Our Family

Family Photography By Treasured Moments Photography

We are a very close family and have three children and two grandchildren. Our home is filled with love and laughter, and we are forever entertaining our family and friends, we love making memories with our loved ones and living life to the full.

Keeping current

The photography industry is unregulated so we would stress you choose your photographer wisely.
We are both highly qualified in the art of posing Newborn safely and attend courses several times a year, we love to learn and socialise with other photographers in our industry, this helps us keep up to date and current with new poses and techniques.
We are also proud active members of “The Master Photographers Association (The MPA)” and “SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers)” and abide by their strict codes of conduct