How would you like to display your Portraits?

We seem to be living in a world where everything we capture is stored on a Phone / Tablet or a Laptop etc. Technology has overtaken our lives, we have lost the real value of a photograph, and what a printed photo means to us, these photos are a doorway into the past.

Treasured moments photography walnut window box
Framed Family portraits proudly displayed in your home

So we ask you, why have everything stored on a device? What happens to these files in the future? Will they be available for future generations to look back on? In a few short years, technology has vastly moved on, and we cannot guarantee that new devices will be able to read the technology of today.

Here at Treasured Moments Photography, we truly believe in offering printed products.
These printed products take pride and place in your home for you to love and cherish for a lifetime and after that they become precious heirlooms for your children to look back on.

folio portrait

Wooden Keepsake Box

Our beautiful wooden keepsake boxes come in three stunning finishes, White Wood, Black wood and American Walnut; each box is finished with a Luxurious soft-touch suede interior to protect your images.

These wooden Keepsake boxes are constructed using the finest materials sourced from the Appalachian mountains – “the best walnut growing district in the world.” This same material has been used for the furniture in Buckingham Palace!

This stunning Keepsake box is the perfect print and digital combo. They are available with or without a window.

The little Black box

This box is designed with a lift-off lid, covered in a classically designed diamond pattern with a very light sheen. The interior of the box is beautifully finished in plush black velvet. This beautiful little black box, is designed to display five mounted images and come with matching digital files presented on a Crystal USB.

Wall Art _ Framed

Our beautiful frames are constructed using the best quality wood mouldings and conservation materials. We use only acid-free materials which are designed to preserve your images.
Our frames come with UltraVue Glass which is often called Invisible Glass. This glass is so clear it gives you the impression, that there is no glass present, this glass has both UV protection and offers much reduced Anti-Reflective properties. These made to measure frames are handcrafted locally and offer the perfect finish to your stunning portrait.

Wall art _ Aluminum

Aluminium prints offer a minimalistic look to your wall art and are ideal for the modern home. Our Aluminium Mounted Print is a sleek contemporary wall piece that seems to float off the wall subtly. The photographic print is sealed with an ultra gloss film and mounted directly onto an aluminium sheet. Brushed edges for a cleaner finish, supplied with a solid aluminium subframe.

Wall Art _ Canvas

Our canvas prints are a popular way of displaying images. Canvas prints are stretched carefully onto a canvas frame from edge to edge, making it the ideal piece of art for your home. Our Gloss Canvas enhances the quality of your images. The heavy-duty 380gsm polycotton canvas achieves a high level of gloss which enhances your image, whilst retaining an obvious canvas textured surface. 

Folio Art Frames

The Art frame offers a sleek yet luxurious look to a printed image. The front panel is made from clear acrylic, with four silver magnets, one in each corner which secures the front and back together, and comes complete with a base, made from a black piano acrylic. Available in a 10″ and 14″, which make the ideal coffee table portrait.

Mounted Portraits

These frame-ready mounted portraits make for the ideal gifts.
They can easily  dropped into your own frames. These portrait are professionally sealed within the Mount 

What will you choose?

 Whether you choose something for the wall, or for something that fits in your hands we have the perfect product for you. Majority of our clients tend to opt for wall art or a collection and the average spend 700 plus, however we do have clients who purchase less and others more, you only purchase what you love.                                      

Lifetime Warranty

 All of our products are hand-selected by Darren and Rhain, choosing only the highest quality products we can offer  you a lifetime warranty on all product against any manufacturing defects

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