Maternity Photography Experience South Wales

Maternity photography captures your pregnancy as this is more than just a moment in time..

You’re having a baby! One of the most memorable chapters in your life. A time to celebrate and embrace those lovely new curves.

A Maternity photography is all about you and your “Bump” so be proud; embracing your bump helps us capture timeless portraits for you to cherish forever 

Maternity photography Swansea
rainbow maternity image captured by Darren Whiteley

The best time to capture your bump is around 34-36 weeks into your pregnancy. You will have a nicely shaped bump and will still be relatively comfortable. Our selection of Luxury Maternity Gowns & Stunning Chiffon Wraps complement, your beautiful “bump”.

The last few months of your pregnancy tend to be very active, there is so much to organise and prepare and before you know it your little bundle of joy will be in your arms and your Bump will become a thing of the past.

beautiful maternity photography

Step 1

Book your Maternity Session

Once you have booked your session, we will talk you through the session and what you would love us to capture, and how you may want to display your portrait. We love to do this in person at our studio, whenever possible, but we understand how busy life can get, so we are also happy to do this via Zoom or over the phone.

Naked couple pregnancy portrait by Treasured Moments Photography

Step 2

Your Maternity Session

Your Maternity takes place at our studio. The session is tailored to suit you and your style. The session can feel overwhelming but rest assured we will help you to relax and enjoy the entire session.

Step 3

Your Presentation

After your session, we invite back to the studio to enjoy a beautiful presentation of your stunning portraits.

What you fall in love with and choose to purchase is entirely up to you.

White Attic Master Bedroom Interior with maternity canvas on wall